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The missing 🧩 piece for breastfeeding success

Did you know that chiropractic care can help you and your little one with nursing?

That's right! Low supply, pain with nursing, gas/irritability for baby, inability to nurse on one side, long feedings and clogged ducts are all signs that baby may not be latching properly. You may also see some blistered lips on your little one, milk dripping from the corners of baby's mouth, and a constant white film on baby's tongue. All of these things happen when baby is not getting a deep latch and a full seal around the nipple. How can we help? Pediatric chiropractors are skilled at assessing the nervous system, latch, palate and cranium. An imbalance in these structures will ultimately affect the baby's ability to nurse. Imbalances in the cranium are things like tethered oral ties (tongue/lip/cheek ties, high/low palate, difficulty moving head to one side). Chiropractors identify these imbalances and correct them with gentle adjustments and cranial work. When the structures are balanced there is less tension in the musculature and better function of the nervous system. And voila.. baby can latch easier and more comfortably!

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