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Healthy Baby Daddy

Women aren’t the only ones who need to be thinking of their health for fertility. Men need to get involved too! I mean, they are providing half of the genetic information, amiright?! And as it turns out I searched the term “nutrition for male fertility” and got 17,900,000 results. Solid search. But when I searched “nutrition for female fertility” I got 80,000,000 results!! Over 4x more resources for women than men.

What can men do to clean up their body before conception? In addition to regular chiropractic care to balance and clear their nervous system, the biggest factor is going to be reducing chemicals and toxins in their body. Studies have shown that men with high levels of pesticide residue (from non-organic produce) had lower sperm counts and more abnormal sperm than those men who ate produce with low pesticide levels. Action step? Switch to organic produce.

Aim for a healthy weight. Adipose cells (fat cells) have an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. The more fat cells in your body, the lower testosterone levels you’ll have. Action step: turn that fat to muscle with strength building exercises. Building and maintaining muscle mass promotes optimal testosterone levels.

Nutrients like zinc and selenium along with vitamin A, C, D and E help with sperm production. Beets, oysters, brazil nuts, walnuts and quinoa have higher amounts of selenium and zinc. Pretty much any rich colored fruit or veggie is going to contain those T producing vitamins!

Share this great info with your man!

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