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Infant Chiropractic Care

What is Infant Chiropractic Care?

Like other forms of chiropractic care, such as prenatal, pediatric, and adult chiropractic care, the purpose of infant chiropractic is to relieve spinal misalignment that may interfere with the nervous system.

The nervous system plays an important role in growth and development, and a healthy nervous system is essential to your child’s well-being and happiness.

Many adults experience back, joint and spinal problems that can be attributed to stress that the body has experienced during childhood. Infant chiropractic care attempts to mitigate future issues by taking care of spinal misalignment before your child has “grown in” to the problem and while their bodies are more primed to receive effective chiropractic adjustments.

Why Should My Baby Visit a San Diego Infant Chiropractor?

A birth process is a traumatic event for both mothers and babies, even if it occurs under optimal conditions. Babies often experience large amounts of pressure and force and maybe twisted into dangerous positions that strain their heads, necks, and spines and harm their delicate bodies.

If your infant’s spine becomes misaligned during labor, it could lead to:

  • Difficulty latching and breastfeeding

  • Torticollis

  • Colic and reflux

  • Developmental delays

  • Other issues such as asthma, chronic ear infections, and more

Receiving gentle and loving care early in life can help your child develop the right way and correct issues that may make their first year of life unduly difficult.

Visiting an infant chiropractor after your child’s birth is a great way to ensure that everything is going okay; however, it’s important to keep on top of visits to ensure your child is getting the maximum benefits. Milestones such as lifting their head, crawling, and sitting may present opportunities for spinal issues, so be sure to be proactive about their spinal health!

You can even take chiropractic care beyond infancy with pediatric chiropractic care for your older children. This can help ensure that they are safe, strong, and developing correctly.

Is It Safe For Children?

If you’ve visited a chiropractor for an adjustment, you may be hesitant to take your infant to one. However, it’s important to understand that a visit to a certified infant chiropractor is not the same as a session with an adult chiropractor.

You can rest assured that infant chiropractic care is totally safe for children of every age, even those as young as hours old. In fact, because a chiropractor can identify potential spinal problems, taking your baby to a specialized San Diego chiropractor such as those at Rooted Life can help prevent any possible damage or injury.

Our qualified and trained infant chiropractors use only safe, gentle and light techniques to align your child’s spine and nervous system. The pressure used on your little one is the same amount of force that you might use to check a tomato for ripeness – incredibly gentle with a bit of firmness.

The key to a safe visit with an infant chiropractor is to find a certified pediatric chiropractor like those at Rooted Life. We have the knowledge and experience needed to treat your child safely and successfully.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Child

Chiropractic care is one way to help mitigate or remove the spinal damage caused by birth, falls or other injuries.

The sooner we can check the infant's spine, the better! Most families seek us out to check for birth trauma to the spine but to also ensure healthy development for the child's nervous system.

When it comes to infants, chiropractic care can help alleviate and prevent some of the more common issues babies experience during their first year, such as ear infections, difficulty nursing, colic, and tethered oral tissue.

How to Know If Your Infant Needs Chiropractic Care

While it is not possible for infants to tell us when they are in pain, there are several signs to watch out for that could mean you should visit an infant chiropractor.

  • Difficulty breastfeeding or a tendency to turn their head one way

  • Excessive constipation

  • Unnatural difficulty sleeping or sleeping in strange positions

  • A failure to thrive when they are being well-cared for

  • Inability to meet milestones such as holding their head up, crawling, or sitting

  • Recurring ear infections

Your infant chiropractor should be able to help diagnose your child’s problem and help rectify it if there is any spinal misalignment.

It’s important to remember that most children, especially infants, may not know they have spinal issues. In fact, some children don’t feel any pain or discomfort despite there being a problem. This is why it’s extremely important to get regular check-ups to ensure your child’s health.

The Best Time to See an Infant Chiropractor

While it’s never too late to take your child to see a pediatric chiropractor, generally, the earlier you do so, the better. Whether you take your baby within the first week of their birth or the first year, the most important thing is visiting. Keep in mind that the earlier you make an appointment, the earlier your child can thrive through a properly functioning nervous system.

San Diego’s Top Infant Chiropractor – Rooted Life Chiropractic

You want what’s best for you baby – and so do we. Here at Rooted Life Family Chiropractic, our mission is to help your little one live a healthy and fulfilling life by starting them out right. Our gentle infant chiropractic adjustments can make life easier and more enjoyable for your baby, and we are always here to answer any questions you may have about our procedures.

Contact us today and speak to a member of our friendly team. We can help you learn more about the procedures we offer or get an appointment set up for your little bundle of joy. We can’t wait to meet you!

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