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Baby's First Trip to the Chiropractor

When is it safe for a newborn to get adjusted? I get asked this all the time! And understandably so. Any misalignments from in-utero position and delivery can affect sleep, latch and digestion so the sooner we can get that corrected, the better!

I highly encourage some serious down time and bonding time after birth. Having said that, as soon as mom and dad feel comfortable and ready to get out of the house and make the trip is the perfect time to have their little one checked. The youngest I've seen in my practice is 18 hours old! Mom had a homebirth and the entire family was ready to get out of the house and make the trip to Coronado. But for some families it's a little longer. And that's OK too! We are here for you and ready for you when you are.

Infant adjustments are gentle, safe and effective from hour 1 and on!

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