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When Is A Fever Too High For A Child?

Updated: May 5, 2021

low grade fever thermometer

When it comes to us spiking a fever we are taught to view symptoms like this as bad or dangerous. But we have to ask ourselves WHY we spike a fever? An increase in body temperature (fever) is an immune response to an infection in our body. Our body temperature rises high enough to kill the bacteria or virus causing the infection. It’s BRILLIANT! If our body temperature did not rise the bacteria or virus would stay in our system and the infection would last longer. Fevers also help the body to eliminate wastes.

What Are Some Steps You Can Take To Fight Off A High Fever

Although extremely uncomfortable, it’s an important, normal and healthy event for our body! It’s also very important not to suppress the fever with over the counter medicines. When we suppress the fever the body never gets hot enough to actually kill the virus and it stays in our system longer.

Therefore, we want to support the fever while also comforting the body. To support the fever we can:

  1. Take warm baths, several times throughout the day if necessary, to help you sweat! Sweating will help to cool the body but also detox the body.

  2. Keep the body warm with warm clothing (socks, sweatshirts, blankets). This too will help the body sweat

  3. Don’t use over the counter fever suppressors.

  4. Rest.. Rest the mind and the body. Stay home and rest 24 hours after the symptoms have subsided.

  5. Drink plenty of fluids. Eating is not necessary if you don’t feel up to it, but drinking and staying hydrated definitely is! A fever increases the need for fluids.

It is scary to have the symptoms and even worse to see your child with these symptoms. Check to make sure they are drinking, alert, able to be aroused, active, urinating, holding their head up and breathing comfortably. If they are able to do all of these things there is no risk for harm or danger! Trust that the body is doing what it needs to do at exactly the right time! If you have any questions please contact us today!

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