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Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

One of the most common things I hear from mamas during their pregnancy is wrist pain, swelling and numbness in the hands. Why does that happen during pregnancy and why is it so common?

Our wrists are composed of 8 small bones that are bound in two rows which form an arc (or a tunnel). All the nerves and arteries coming out of our neck run down the arm and branch off in the wrist tunnel. During pregnancy our body releases the hormone relaxin which causes the ligaments in our entire body to soften. The tunnel of the wrist collapses and puts pressure on the nerves and arteries at the wrist causing pain and numbness! Ouch! In most women this resolves on its own after hormone levels have balanced out. But what other things can you do to help this?

- stretches to the forearms

- use a stress ball

- gentle chiropractic adjustments to the neck and wrists

- proper posture (holding head over the shoulders, shoulders back and down)

All of the above suggestions are effective at ensuring proper nerve function and blood flow throughout the upper extremities!

This can also persist in to the postpartum phase as well because it is hormone related. Some mamas report up to 2 months to have relief after the baby is born. Continue with the stretches, stress ball, posture and chiropractic care to alleviate these symptoms. #pregnancycarpaltunnel #wristpain #armtingling #pregnancypain #babybump #sandiegomom #sandiego #pregnancychiropractor #prenatalchiropractic #prenatalchiropractor #pregnancy #healthypregnancy #relaxin #prengnacyhormones

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