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Eliminate Your Lady Lumps & Learn How To Fix Forward Head Posture

Updated: May 5, 2021

You know what I’m talking about. That lump some women get at the base of the neck! It’s actually extremely common but so frustrating! It's San Diego and HELLLO.. tank tops :(

how to fix forward head posture

How do I fix forward head posture? What is it and what causes it? It is most commonly a build up of inflammation. High levels of cortisol (stress hormones) along with changes in sex hormones (estrogen, progestrone and testosterone) can cause high levels of inflammation. Chronic inflammation can build up in the areas around our spine. Women are more commonly affected because of the hormone changes we experience with pregnancy, postpartum and menstrual cycle.

Posture plays a huge role in the appearance of the lady lump!

Poor posture (shoulders slouched forward, head flexed forward) can cause the lump to appear larger than it actually is. And contrastly, healthy posture reduces the look of the lump but also serves to strengthen the muscles around the spine, support spinal nerves and improve range of motion--all of which help to reduce inflammation in the area!

What does healthy posture look like? Starting from the top, your head should be positioned directly over the shoulders with the chin slightly tucked. Every inch forward the head is in relation to the shoulders puts and extra 10 lbs of pressure on the neck! The shoulders should be held back and down, away from the ears.

Check out this video for exercises to help your lady lumps!

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