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Dr. Deb's 6 Favorite Immune Boosting Tips

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

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It's September in Coronado and the kids are back in school at full force and you know what that means.. Kids immune systems are at full force! Being around all those kiddos at school means increased exposure for your little one which kicks the immune system into full gear. Chronic congestion, sore throats, fever, ear aches, coughing and sneezing.. These are all indications that your kids immune system is functioning and operating properly.

How can you boost your kids immune system during this time?

  1. Eliminate sugar intake. Sugar straight up decreases immune function! Get rid of that stuff in your kids diet

  2. Don’t suppress the fever. Let the fever get up as high as it can! The body is raising the temperature to kill the bacteria/virus. If we are suppressing the fever the bacteria/virus is left in our body to infect us even longer.

  3. Warm baths, socks, blankets and warm soups and beverages. Keep the body warm to support the fever.

  4. Lots of liquids!

  5. Elderberry has been shown to decrease the length of a cold or flu. This can be taken immediately at the onset of symptoms. Bonus: they come in gummies and syrup form!

  6. Chiropractic adjustments. Proper alignment of the upper neck will allow optimal drainage of the inner ear canal and lymph system, which prevents bacteria from growing and allows for proper function of the ear and sinuses.

Contact Kids Chiropractor Dr. Deb At Rooted Life Chiropractic In Coronado!

Before reaching for the Tylenol try out these immune supporting tips next time your little one (or you!) is sick! For any questions, feel free to reach to Dr. Deb at Rooted Life Chiropractic in Coronado today!

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