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Beautiful Baby Heads & Plagiocephaly

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

baby head with plagiocephaly

We think all babies have beautiful noggins! However, with the trauma from pregnancy and birth some babies can have noggins that are, well, flat in some areas. This is called plagiocephaly. It is caused by repetitive stress on one particular area of the skull like if the baby is pressed up against the sacrum or pelvis for an extended period of time during pregnancy or labor, or after birth if the baby is placed in one position for an extended length of time (ie: on back, car seat, etc).

Common Treatments For Plagiocephaly

The most common treatment for this is a helmet. However, there are several other affordable and effective options for parents before committing to a helmet.

  1. Get them checked by a pediatric chiropractor to ensure all the tiny joints of the neck and spine are moving properly so the babes has proper range of motion of the head.

  2. Tummy time, from birth! The easiest way to do this with an infant is have them lie down and sleep on your chest. The best part? Mom and dad can nap at this time too!

  3. Specific stretches and exercises as instructed by a pediatric chiropractor and or occupational therapist

Contact Dr. Deb To Get The Best Care For Your Child At Rooted Life Chiropractic Today!

As a pediatric chiro myself, I LOVE working closely with the pediatrician and occupational therapist to ensure the child is getting the most comprehensive care and assessments as possible!

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