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Hands for Life Orange Ave

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Serving the underserved of San Diego and Tijuana chiropractic care, health education, and clean water since 2016.

Did you know that Dr. Deb and Dr. Joe have started a chiropractic non-profit organization? Hands for Life Orange Ave operates out of Discover Wellness and we have the opportunity to serve chiropractic care and health education to those who need it the most. We have had the opportunity to serve at churches, orphanages, women’s rehab shelters, bereavement camps, and addiction shelters here in San Diego but also in Tijuana! With the efforts of this organization we have been able to provide thousands with chiropractic care and health education! We have also extended our efforts here in Coronado. Our focus this year is extending this opportunity to families of children with medical hardships. If you know of a family with a child with special needs and know they would benefit from chiropractic care but can’t afford it, spread the word! We are here to help and want to share our love and service to those who need it most. Email for more information!

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