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Neuro Emotional Technique or NET

Neuro Emotional Technique or NET is a mind-body approach to stress.  Emotions are physiological processes in the body.  We can experience increased heart rate, clammy skin, increased body temperature, etc.  NET is a way of finding and removing neurological imbalances relating to the physiology of unresolved stress patterns.


Dr. Scott Walker, the developer of NET, found that some symptoms chronically remained after patients received chiropractic care.  Dr. Walker determined that the emotional component was not being addressed leading to this mind-body approach.  During an NET session the practitioner addresses unresolved mind-body stress following 8 dynamics. 

Dr. Tamara obtained post-graduate certification in Neuro Emotional Technique and is delighted to offer this mind-body modality to the community.  During an NET visit Dr. Tamara will use manual muscle testing and pulse point correction to release stress-related issues.


Follow the link to discover more about the 8 dynamics utilized with this mind-body approach: Emotions are Physiologically Based; Pavlovian Responses; Emotions/Meridian System Correlations; Repetition

Compulsion; The Role of Memory and Physiology; Manual Muscle Testing; Semantic Responses; and Like cures Like


Link to an at home quick stress release tool:

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