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Female Hormones and
Fertility Education in San Diego

Female hormones and fertility education are concepts that are close to my heart.


My journey with irregular cycles and hormone imbalances has been a long one. After training with fertility education and medical management, I discovered that I could control and change my cycles and hormone imbalances! Why had I never heard this before?! After implementing this information into my life, I knew this was valuable information that other women needed to know.

Most women’s hormone concerns revolve around infertility, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding and hormonal imbalance, although these are just some of the conditions women struggle with today.

The Importance of Hormone and Fertility Education in Coronado
Due to the over-prescribed recommendations of birth control, fear and stigma around menstruation, and utter confusion so many girls and women have around their cycle, I have created an online course to help women navigate their cycle!

Hormone Bootcamp is a vital course that will help women:
- Get off hormonal birth control
- Restore and regulate their cycles
- Correct hormone imbalances
- Identify fertile phase for family planning

Click here to learn more about Hormone Bootcamp!

Getting Off Hormonal Birth Control
Hormone Bootcamp allows women to get off HBC and still prevent pregnancy by teaching how to identify fertile phases of our cycle. Although, 60% of women on HBC are on it to manage symptoms and/or regulate irregular cycles! 
Hormonal Birth control is one of the more popular ways of preventing unplanned pregnancies. If you’re ready to have a baby but have been taking pills or have had an IUD for years, you might feel a little anxious about what changes could happen to your body when you stop using hormonal birth control (HBC).


If you’re trying to get off HBC but are worried about the side effects or need more information about this process, Hormone Bootcamp can help!

Managing and Restoring Irregular Cycles

Something that I found to be so helpful was recognizing that I could have an impact on the regularity of my cycles! Hormone Bootcamp provides hours of content to help girls and women regulate their cycles and minimize symptoms. Some of the solutions include:
- Stress management

- Nutrition (foods to support hormone production)

- Lifestyle factors

- Identifying and avoiding hormone disruptors

Helping Couples Get Pregnant

Did you know that there is only a handful of days you can get pregnant during your cycle?
The trick is knowing which days those are! Hormone Bootcamp helps couples identify those days and also what you can do to support egg and sperm health as well as female and male fertility.

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